Writing a mission and vision statement for a school

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Section 1. An Overview of Strategic Planning or "VMOSA" (Vision, Mission, Objectives, Strategies, and Action Plans) Section 2. Proclaiming Your Dream: Developing Vision and Mission Statements.

Notice how this excerpt from a fictional applicant allows the applicant to come alive to the reader in a passionate, enthusiastic manner while clearly using the language and the values presented in the mission statement of the School. A vision statement serves as the anchor of any institution.

Aside from expressing your aspirations and dreams for your company, it also provides the. School Vision Statements Write a Vision Statement that provides an inspiring visualization of the future for your School or educational institution.

OUR MISSION: As a Christian liberal arts college, Milligan College seeks to honor God by educating men and women to be servant‑leaders. Milligan College defines servant-leadership as a set of dispositions that models, inspires, and advances a shared vision through a commitment to serving others and intentional self-sacrifice rooted in Christian community.

Goal Setting > Mission Statements Writing a Personal Mission Statement. A personal mission statement is a brief description of what you want to focus on, what you want to accomplish and who you want to become in a particular area of your life over the next one to three years.

It is a way to focus your energy, actions, behaviors and decisions .

Writing a mission and vision statement for a school
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