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Writing and Childhood Development

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Nikki Gamble is a lecturer, writer and directs the Write Away education consultancy. She is an evaluator for the Literature Matters project which aims to promote children's literature in initial teacher training courses.

I have bought many Barbie Dolls from our local Goodwill store to clean up, dress, and give to the local homeless shelters. However, the dolls have the price written in permanent black marker on the doll’s head, which is a soft plastic.

Nikki Gamble is Associate Consultant at the Institute of Education in London. She is the founder and Director of Write Away! and of the Just Imagine Story Centre.

Writing and Childhood Development

Nikki Gamble is a lecturer, writer and directs the Write Away education consultancy. 7 tips to help you travel safely with your dog or cat this holiday season. Here are some recommendations to consider before you carry your pet onto a plane, train or automobile.

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