Google docs format for writing a book

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Write your e-book in Google Docs. The template that you use will allow you to repeat the graphics pattern across your e-book.

Google Docs for Novel Writing

You will find that you have all the same options for text formatting that you're used to from other word processing programs to include an embedded capability to save your work as a PDF document.

Google Docs works in most browsers, although it’s best in Google Chrome, and there are mobile apps for Android and iOS which I’ve found work very nicely. When you’re collaborating with a group of readers or writers on a project, it’s a huge boon to know that no one will need to download special software and end up encountering compatibility or versioning issues.

Google Drive is a free way to keep your files backed up and easy to reach from any phone, tablet, or computer.

Product Review: Google Docs For A Book Manuscript

Start with 15GB of Google storage – free. For the book I just finished this month, I wrote it all with Google Docs, and my publisher accepted the manuscript via an email invitation to share the documents.

So I decided to share. Here are some tips and traps for developing a book-length manuscript using the online Google Docs instead of your standard word processor.

Working from anywhere: In theory, as the book is stored on the Google server farm and not your home computer, you can access and edit it from anywhere, like an internet cafe, or your friend’s computer, or a public cafe with wifi.

In practice, when writing a book you need to concentrate quite a bit. Open a new Google Document based on a template by selecting the "Create" button, then choosing "From Template" on the drop-down menu. You don't have to use a template for writing your first e-book in Google Docs, but you might find a theme you like.

Write your e-book in Google Docs. The template that you use will allow you to repeat the graphics pattern across your e-book.

Google docs format for writing a book
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